2021 Summertime Specials

Beginners Yoga – Five Week Special

Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.45pm
with Melanie Robinson

If you have been thinking about giving yoga a go or easing your way back into it, why not take advantage of our Beginners Yoga Special. It’s a great way to start and you don’t need to be fit or flexible to join. For bookings & enquires call Nikki 0411 796 354 or email nikki@yogavedawellness.com

Special prepay price for 5 classes – $90 (normally $110)
Valid February & March 2021


Early Morning Yoga – Four Week Special

Wednesdays 6.15am – 7.25am
with Laura Benzoni

Early Morning Yoga is a perfect way to start your day energised and balanced! This class is open to beginners and casuals are welcome.

Take advantage of our four week special offer; prepay 4 classes for $70 (normally $88)
Valid for February & March 2021


Ayurvedic Special

Indulge yourself in this new Ayurvedic treatment special Snehana (Ayurvedic massage) & Sound bath to deeply nourish your inner being.

Sound waves resonate within the body, which is 70 per cent water, accessing hard to reach places. Subtle energy pathways – Nadis – are awakened & when these flow freely, we have vitality & health. If the energy is stagnant we will have pain & congestion.

Allow yourself two hours to be transported to an inner place of peace & tranquility to totality calm your nervous system.

$155 (normally $175)
Valid for February & March 2021


Prenatal Yoga – Six Week Special

Saturdays 12.30pm – 1.45pm
with Melanie Robinson

Prenatal yoga is an amazing mind-body support through pregnancy. In these classes you will learn:

  • Breath awareness.
  • Safe adapted yoga postures to keep you stretched and toned as your body goes through its many changes.
  • To create a sense of calm and relaxation in the mind.
  • Confidence in your ability to birth in a positive empowered way.

For bookings and enquires call Nikki 0411 796 354 or email nikki@yogavedawellness.com

Special prepay price of $108 for 6 sessions (normally $132)
Casuals are also welcome to attend