Learn how to be healthy the Ayurvedic way

Glowing, radiant skin, bright eyes, silky hair and a spring in your step is what distinguishes us as being healthy and vibrant!

Health is an abundance of a powerful energy within us called ojas – meaning “that which invigorates”. A high level of ojas brings bliss and happiness. Ojas are the vital fluid energy that infuses our tissues providing strength and longevity to mind and body. Living a balanced lifestyle that is pure and close to nature is the key to maximising ojas and is the essential goal of Ayurveda.

An Ayurvedic consultation is a comprehensive health assessment focussing on your natural mind-body constitution – Prakruti – the unique characteristics each of us are born with. Identifying imbalances in your doshas (Vikruti), detecting physical and emotional toxins and recognising the presence of ama (toxins) is a primary goal of the consultation. Emphasis is placed on lifestyle, daily and seasonal routines and the strength of your digestive function – agni.

The initial consultation takes into consideration past history and includes skin, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Individually tailored dietary, lifestyle and cleansing practices are recommended to restore balance and harmony to the mind and body.

Ayurvedic organic herbs, Aristams, Kashayams, Rasayanams, Ghritams and oils, along with body treatments and yoga programs are often recommended.

“The one who is established in self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni, properly formed dhatus, proper elimination of malas, properly functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss, is called a healthy person.” – Verse from Sushruta Samhita.





Ayurveda Testimonials

Ayurveda… for Pain Management

I can’t say enough great things about Leah.

My experience with her has been the best thing I have done to assist in the pain management of my endometriosis. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues because I was so impressed with her gentle approach. She is available and approachable and her follow up care gives me peace of mind until my next visit.

The Katibasti is like a warm hug for your lower back and a MUST for anyone suffering from endo, heavy periods or uterus pain.
Fiona Lochhead
Ayurveda... for Improved Energy

It has been seven years since I started seeing Leah, not long after the birth of my third child at the age of 38. I sought Ayurvedic treatments and consultations on diet and lifestyle due to long-term lack of energy and inflammation in my body. Since that time, Leah has become my primary health consultant.

Leah provides the space to discuss my health needs in a holistic way and supports me with the use of acupuncture, Ayurvedic body treatments, and support and knowledge with diet and herbs. It is both a preventative health measure and also a response to the physical ailments that come along – usually those associated with the stress of doing too much and not having enough good rest and nutritious food. There is definitely a correlation between taking care of myself by consulting with Leah and keeping out of the doctor’s office, where only the symptoms are treated.

Apart from the obvious practical support Leah offers, what I appreciate most of all is the journey she shares with me, support and knowledge, and the feeling I have some peace and nurturing in the mind, body spiritual journey. I know Leah to be a life-long scholar in holistic health and I feel the benefits of Leah’s commitment in healing practices.
Tresna Lamonby
Ayurveda… for Relaxation & Wellbeing

I have been having monthly treatments with Leah for a number of years now. I can not recommend it highly enough. I usually have a Snehana which is divine in itself and then I have one of the following treatments: Katibasti (lower back nurture) for my endometriosis which helps to reduce the cramping during ovulation and menstruation.

In this hot weather we have been doing Urobastis (Heart nurture) which are amazingly soothing for the nerves and emotions.

I also have Bashpaswedana (Steambox treatment) particularly nice in winter as it warms you through to the bone.

Go on and treat yourself!
Susie Bruggman

Ayurveda Space

The Ayurvedic Treatment Centre is located a short distance from the yoga centre in a peaceful garden setting.

The air-conditioned room is fully equipped with a traditional hand carved wooden treatment table, cedarwood steam box, shirodhara and herbal steam therapies equipment and has bathroom and shower facilities.

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