Learn how to be healthy the Ayurvedic way

Find peace with Ayurveda
Glowing, radiant skin, bright eyes, silky hair and a spring in your step is what distinguishes us as being healthy and vibrant!

Health is an abundance of a powerful energy within us called ojas – meaning “that which invigorates”. A high level of ojas brings bliss and happiness. Ojas are the vital fluid energy that infuses our tissues providing strength and longevity to mind and body. Living a balanced lifestyle that is pure and close to nature is the key to maximising ojas and is the essential goal of Ayurveda.

An Ayurvedic consultation is a comprehensive health assessment focussing on your natural mind-body constitution – Prakruti – the unique characteristics each of us are born with. Identifying imbalances in your doshas (Vikruti), detecting physical and emotional toxins and recognising the presence of ama (toxins) is a primary goal of the consultation.

Emphasis is placed on lifestyle, daily and seasonal routines and the strength of your digestive function – agni.

The initial consultation takes into consideration past history and includes skin, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Individually tailored dietary, lifestyle and cleansing practices are recommended to restore balance and harmony to the mind and body.

Ayurvedic organic herbs, Aristams, Kashayams, Rasayanams, Ghritams and oils, along with body treatments and yoga programs are often recommended.

“The one who is established in self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni, properly formed dhatus, proper elimination of malas, properly functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of bliss, is called a healthy person.” – Verse from Sushruta Samhita.


Ayurvedic Consultation

Initial Consultation – up to 90 minutes: $125
(add 120 minutes to initial consultation with private yoga session & follow up appointment: $55)

Follow up appointment – 30 minutes: $50

Initial Consultation including Acupuncture – 120 minutes: $150

Follow up Acupuncture appointment – 60 minutes: $60

Initial Consultation with a private Yoga session: $165

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