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Yogaveda offers our own signature blends of organic herbal infusions/teas. Customised herbal formulas can also be prepared for your specific conditions.

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A rejuvenative fruit (one of the three fruits in the well known Triphala formula ) with an excellent source of Vitamin C. Amalaki is tonic for the blood, bones, liver and heart. Also regulates blood sugar.


Is one of the most important heart tonics in Ayurvedic medicine and is used to treat all forms of heart disease and high cholesterol. It improves cardiac muscle function and treats irregular heart rate disorders.


This herb is used to menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhoea, irregular menstrual cycles, cysts, fibroids and other reproductive disorders. Ashoka acts as a tonic for the endometrium and uterine muscles and relieves abdominal pain and spasms. It also has anti-estrogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.



An excellent tonic and rejuvenative herb that treats general debility, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, nerve diseases, cough, anaemia and chronic heart and vascular disorders.


This immune building herb is often used as a tonic and rejuvenative. It is anti-inflammatory and particularly used for Vata nerve disorders e.g : facial paralysis, neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica. It is also an effective heart tonic.



A powerful brain food that treats nervous system diseases (anxiety, stress, etc.), and mental exhaustion. Its many benefits include improving memory, concentration and cognitive abilities making it the perfect tonic for students and the elderly.​


This warming herb is a digestive enhancer and removes mucous from the stomach and lungs. It is indicated for colds, coughs, bronchitis asthma, indigestion, bloating and flatulence.



Is an effective herb for strengthening and warming the body. It improves circulation, is an expectorant in colds and flu and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also enhances blood circulation to the uterus relieving menstrual cramps.


This formula consisting of a blend of 10 medicinal roots, calms the nerves and strengthens and nourishes the body. Widely used in the treatment of conditions related to nerves, muscles, bones and joints. Used for pain disorders and inflammatory diseases related to the musculoskeletal system including osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.


Organic Ginger

Regarded in Ayurveda as a universal medicine. It promotes digestion, reduces motion sickness and nausea, increases circulation, treats colds and flues, reduces phlegm in the lungs, is widely used in arthritic conditions and relieves menstrual cramps.


Guduchi is highly valued in Ayurveda and is considered as the divine nectar for its detoxifying, rejuvenating, immune supporting and anti-ama properties. It is considered the best herb for clearing the micro-circulatory channels of the body (srota’s). It is recommended in treating inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, arthritis, gout, skin disorders. Guduchi enhances all aspects of the mind including comprehension, memory and recollection.



Guggul is a powerful deep acting detoxifier that scrapes the body’s blocked channels. Considered the best herb for supporting joint movement especially ama-vata conditions such as osteoarthritis and gout. Particularly valuable in lowering cholesterol, aids in weight loss, protects form infections, boosts thyroid function and treats skin diseases.

Vacha (Calamus)

Vacha is a major herb for the mind as it promotes circulation to the brain, sharpens memory and enhances awareness. It has been successfully used for centuries for its sedative qualities as it relaxes and soothes the mind, promotes good sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. Vacha is also a known expectorant as it helps to loosen up and expel phelgm. It is a wonderful herb to open a up the bronchi and allow a person to breathe deeply so beneficial for asthmatics. Vacha also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. 
Vacha is the major herb used in our ‘Nasya Oil’ formula due to its naso-sinal decongestant properties plus its amazing brain tonic benefits.


This herb is an outstanding rejuvenative tonic for the nerve tissue. When we need mental peace and sleep we may call upon Shankapushpi to help restore the clear quality of the mind. Promotes tranquillity without dulling the mind. It has an uplifting effect for depression. Beneficial for nervous debility, mental and emotional exhaustion, epilepsy and insomnia.


Shatavari is the main Ayurvedic rejuvenative tonic for the female reproductive system and for the blood. The herb increases fertility and balances female hormones making it valuable in treating menstrual disorders and menopausal complaints.


Tulsi - Holy Basil

Tulsi is acclaimed as the ‘queen of herbs’ in India and revered as a sacred plant infused with healing powers. It is believed to purify the air and sanctify the environment and is at the centre of many homes in India. In Ayurvedic herbalism sattvic Tulsi is used as an expectorant and anti-mucous herb for respiratory diseases like colds and flu. A warming digestive aid that is tri-doshic and strengthens the Agni ( digestive fire). Holy Basil is a powerful adaptogen supporting the immune system and reducing stress.

Kalmegh (Andrographis)

Kalmegh is often referred to as the ‘Indian Echinacea’ in Ayurveda due to its immune boosting qualities. Known as the  king of bitters for its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Primarily used for upper respiratory infections ; bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and sinusitis as it promotes mucous discharge.
Also treats fever and headache of colds and flu.


Licorice Root Powder

Licorice is an excellent rejuvenator herb treating weakness, debility, chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. Licorice protects and detoxifies the liver, reduces liver inflammation and effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is an effective expectorant helping to liquify mucous and reducing inflammation in respiratory conditions such as like bronchitis, laryngitis, cough and colds, sore throats etc. Licorice also acts as an ant-acid treating peptic ulcers, gastritis and relieves abdominal colic.


Punarnava is a unique herb that helps maintain efficient kidney and and urinary function. A well known diuretic, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral agent that treats urinary tract infections. It’s anti-oedemic action is beneficial for congestive heart failure and is one of the widely used herbs to treat Kapha imbalances. The root is a powerful rasayana ; one that renews, repairs and regenerates tissue.


Moringa Powder

Moringa is one of Ayurveda’s superfoods and is famously called the ‘Miracle Tree’ due to its exceptional nutrient content and therapeutic potential. It is loaded in antioxidants, boosts the immune system and relieves inflammation. It is a great detoxifier, helps lower cholesterol and normalises blood glucose levels. Moringa is good remedy for arthritis and supports heart health. It plays a key role in brain health, enhancing memory and mental wellbeing. Moringa has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that fight infections. It promotes healthy bones and protects and nourishes skin and hair. 

Manjistha Powder

Manjishta is the best blood purifying herb. It cools and detoxifies the blood, dissolves obstructions in blood flow and removes stagnant blood. Good for all inflammatory conditions of the blood e.g. female reproductive system. Manjishta lowers uric acid and treats gouty arthritis and glandular swellings. A good herb to treat skin conditions such as eczcema, acne, pimples and boils, restoring the lustre and glow of the skin.

Organic Turmeric Powder
(Therapeutic Premium Grade)

Turmeric is recognised as a superfood in Ayurveda. It’s wide spectrum of benefits include anti- inflammatory, antioxidant and anti cancer properties. Turmeric is also an excellent natural antibiotic, while at the same time it strengthens digestion and helps improve intestinal flora. It protects the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol and inhibiting platelet aggregation ( prevents internal blood clots that trigger heart attack and some strokes). Can be used externally as a skin medicine to treat acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and ringworm.

Immune Tea

Freshly blended, immune enhancing herbal tea containing: Ashwaghanda, Tulsi, Turmeric, Moringa, Amalaki, Ginger, Licorice and Gotu Kola.

This powerful combination of herbs increases energy levels, provides protection from winter ailments and enhances general wellbeing.

50g – $10.00

Tulsi & Ginger Herbal Tea

This herbal combination is particularly beneficial for respiratory conditions and is used to relive symptoms of colds & flu, coughs, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and mucous conditions.

50g – $10.00

P: +61 438 693 855

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