Spring Specials

SIX WEEK BACK-TO-BASICS BEGINNERS COURSEWednesdays 6.30pm – September 16 to October 21 If you are looking to start yoga or wanting to get back into it, book yourself in to our Spring Beginners Course with Melanie Robinson! Start with the basics learning simple stretches, breathing and relaxation to get yourself ready for a regular practise. …

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Winter Wellness Herbs

Winter Wellness

CHYAWANPRASH Chyawanprash is one of Ayurveda’s most famous rejuvenating tonics formulated from 47 herbs and medicinal fruits. Rejuvenates all the tissues of the body Enhances the immune system – builds ojas Anti-stress formula with uplifting effects on the mind Treats respiratory conditions such as colds, flus, asthma etc. Used in the recovery from chronic illness …

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COVID-19 Update

As of midday Monday, March 23rd a directive came through from the Government that health studios and gyms etc. were required to suspend operation until further notice. We are sad that we will have to close both the Yoga & Ayurveda studios, but for the greater good of community health, and to help flatten the …

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Spring Cleansing Practices

Begin your day with a Gandush –  sesame oil mouth swish – to remove toxins from the mouth, throat and naso-sinal cavities. An excellent remedy for hay fever, sinus congestion and allergies during the Spring season.  Follow this with scraping your tongue to remove any toxic accumulation. The tongue is the most visible location in the body …

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