Spring Cleansing Practices

Begin your day with a Gandush –  sesame oil mouth swish – to remove toxins from the mouth, throat and naso-sinal cavities. An excellent remedy for hay fever, sinus congestion and allergies during the Spring season. 

Follow this with scraping your tongue to remove any toxic accumulation. The tongue is the most visible location in the body where harmful toxins (ama) tend to accumulate – a sticky whitish coating. 

Daily Nasya – herbalised nasal oil therapy – to cleanse and lubricate the nasal membranes, relieving sinus congestion. Also promotes clarity of mind and enhances memory and concentration. 

Abhyanga – Self Oil massage – using warm black seed sesame oil to promote detoxification and improve circulation. This self-nurturing practise reduces stress and tension and is deeply soothing to the nervous system with added feel good effects – an increase in serotonin levels. 

Triphala – this combination of three medicinal fruits improves digestion and has a powerful cleansing action drawing toxins from a deep tissue level. Triphala also increases absorption and promotes elimination.


Panchakarma (PK) is Ayurveda’s ultimate detox & rejuvenating program. A series of detoxifying, balancing & nourishing therapies done at the change of season, and is especially beneficial in Spring. PK is designed to soften, loosen & eliminate toxins while creating a profoundly relaxing experience for the mind & body. 

Enquire at Yogaveda for a personally tailored PK treatment program.

Detox with Coriander Pesto

Detox the heavy metals from your body this Spring with Coriander Pesto! 

Coriander Pesto Recipe; 

2 cloves garlic
1/3 cup brazil nuts
1/3 cup sesame seeds
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds – pepitas
2 cups fresh coriander
2/3 cup flax seed oil
4 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice
Salt to taste

Blend all the above ingredients into a paste & store in a glass jar in the fridge (will only last for a few days). Incorporate a few tablespoons to your daily diet to cleanse heavy metals from your body as part of your Spring Cleansing regime.