Helping Keep You Well in 2020

As summer draws to a close and we transition towards the cooler days of Autumn we need to take extra care of our health. This is because the change of season is the most vulnerable time for our wellbeing, so we need to make the adjustments to enhance our mind, body health.

Autumn is a good time to fortify our immune system in preparation for winter’s colds and flu viruses. This is particularly relevant now with the concerns around Covid-19. It is a good time to introduce cleansing programmes to remove ama (toxins) which if not dealt with will weaken your immune system. Ama is the root cause of most colds, fevers and flus, as well as chronic diseases caused by a weakened immune system. These range from allergies and hay fever to asthma, arthritis and cancer.

Yogaveda is committed to keeping everyone healthy and safe in our studio environments, with cleanliness being a top priority so you can relax and enjoy your session.

With your help, we can keep our Yoga and Ayurveda studios healthy through preventative measures that keep everybody well.


  1. If you feel unwell and have flu-like symptoms, such as dry cough etc., please rest up at home and do not come to class.
  2. Please wash your hands with soap and water when coming into the studio –  we are also getting supplies of hand sanitiser to have available to use as you come in.
  3. Please spray and wipe your mat before class with provided disinfectant spray (Eucalyptus) and place dirty cloths in basket to be washed.
  4. If you use an eye pillow please place a tissue over your eyes before placing the eye pillow on top.

We will continue to keep the equipment as clean as possible to help create a hygienic environment for everyone.

If we all work together we can keep enjoying safe and healthy yoga & wellness practices. 


  1. Ensure you get enough sleep: 7-9 hours every night is required. This is an often overlooked aspect of wellness.
  2. A diet containing fresh vegetables – favouring more warm, moist & nourishing meals as the cooler weather arrives.
  3. Daily exercise appropriate to your body type.
  4. Happiness & Joy – a great boost for the immune system.
  5. Peace of mind – introduce strategies to reduce stress
    i.e. yoga, meditation & nurturing ayurvedic treatments etc. Stress compromises your immunity.
  6. Immune boosting formulas/tonics such as Chyawanprash, Triphala (both these formulas are loaded with Vitamin C) and other herbal formulas such as (Ashwagandharishtam).
  7. Warming herbs like cinnamon bark, ginger root, tulsi-basil, cardamom seeds, cloves, turmeric & black pepper.
  8. Protect your nasal membranes with Nasya oil, it’s antibacterial & great for sinus congestion.

We have just created an amazing ‘Immune Herbal Infusion Tea’ packed with powerful immune boosting herbs which will be available to purchase at Yogaveda to keep you in good health.