Living Yoga & Ayurveda Italian Retreat 2013

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Join us to experience a 12 day retreat with twice daily yoga sessions (open to all levels) and Ayurvedic lifestyle routines to suit your individual body type (dosha).

28th May – 10th June, 2013 with Nikki Leaf and Leah Albrecht

Inclusive in the retreat are three delicious (Ayurvedically inspired) vegetarian meals per day with cleansing juices and teas. Take part in guided nature hikes, explore local villages or just have quiet time in the peaceful surrounds of Villa Benvenuti.

Our daily yoga sessions will include a more active morning practice, with a restorative based session in the evening. Attention is given to being mindful in your yoga practice with a strong focus on integrating the breath. Yoga classes draw on the Hatha / Iyengar traditions with the use of props to support in areas of restriction. Individual attention is given, taking into account the Ayurvedic body type and physical limitations.

An important focus of the retreat will be learning simple Ayurvedic daily routines to keep your mind and body in balance. Focus will be on diet, lifestyle and cleansing practices which you will be able to integrate into your home life.

An Ayurvedic consultation and treatment session to suit your individual body type (dosha) is inclusive in the retreat.

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