Nasya Oil – Spring Remedy

We naturally feel like rising earlier and feel the inner joy of the sun’s warmth after the winter cold. There is a natural shift in our energy and often we have the intuitive inclination to take cleansing herbs. According to Ayurveda the seasonal junctions are a vulnerable time for our bodies. It is a time when the doshas can easily become out of balance. The cold and accumulation of dampness during the winter months tends to block our channels (srotas). Spring is an ideal time for ayurvedic cleansing therapies. Our bodies’ tissues (dhatus) are more willing to release toxins (ama). To assist your body detoxify, Ayurveda recommends a range of cleansing therapies and products that are unique to this ancient medical system.

Nasya oil is a herbalised oil which relieves nasal sinus congestion

  • promotes clarity of mind
  • improves cognition
  • enhances memory
  • rejuvenates the nervous system

The daily application of nasya oil removes toxins (ama) from the nose, mouth ears and naso-sinal cavities. It relieves sinusitis, hayfever conditions, allergies and migraines. Recommended as a part of a daily cleansing routine. For chronic conditions we offer a series of nasya treatments.