New Class Info – Winter 2016

Mira Rao

New Yoga Teacher

We are happy to welcome our new teacher Mira Rao to Yogaveda. Mira has taken over the 10.45am Vinyasa class on Saturday and welcomes new students to come and experience Flow Yoga.

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga Class

Yogaveda offer Teen Yoga Classes, run by Joy Abbott – Monday’s 4 – 5:00pm.

The new term for Teen Yoga starts Monday 18 July and runs through to 19 September.

Teen Yoga instils good foundations for coping with the stresses of growth, puberty, peer group pressure and schooling in the challenging teen years through;

  • Increased mind-body connection,
  • Reduced stress and calms the mind,
  • Improved concentration, focus and attention,
  • Promotion of a healthy body image,
  • Encourages a balanced use of social media and technology.

Yoga Beginners Mat

Absolute Beginners Course

A new Absolute Beginners Course starts Monday 18 July, 7.30pm – 8.45pm. This will be a six week series of classes to introduce newcomers to the foundations of Yoga. Book now to secure your spot!