Winter Wellness Herbs

Winter Wellness



Chyawanprash is one of Ayurveda’s most famous rejuvenating tonics formulated from 47 herbs and medicinal fruits.


  • Rejuvenates all the tissues of the body
  • Enhances the immune system – builds ojas
  • Anti-stress formula with uplifting effects on the mind
  • Treats respiratory conditions such as colds, flus, asthma etc.
  • Used in the recovery from chronic illness
  • Kindles the digestive fire – agni


Winter Wellness Herbs

Warming winter herbs are the best gifts of nature to boost your energy and enhance your immune system. Yogaveda stocks an extensive range of herbs to keep you healthy over these cold winter months. Customised herbal formulas are prepared for specific conditions or try our signature blends of herbal infusions/teas such as; Ginger & Tulsi and our Immune Tea packed packed with powerful immune enhancing herbs such as ashwaghanda, moringa, amalaki, licorice and tulsi, ginger and turmeric.