Pre & Post Natal Yoga

The balance of stretching, breathing and relaxation promotes a healthy and happy pregnancy and prepares for a positive, natural birth experience.

Please note that we do not currently have a dedicated Pre/Post Natal class running.
However, pre & post natal students are most welcome to contact Nikki Leaf to discuss attending her classes.
Nikki is a highly experienced pregnancy yoga teacher and is able to cater for your specialised needs in a regular class situation.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga is conducted by Nikki Leaf.

Nikki was inspired to begin teaching yoga to pregnant women after her own positive pregnancy experience. Her daily practice bought about an acceptance to trust in the process of pregnancy and a confidence in her own body’s ability to give birth.

Yoga for Pregnancy is an amazing support through pregnancy providing; 

  • breath awareness
  • safe adapted stretches to keep you stretched and toned as your body goes through its many changes
  • a sense of calm and relaxation in the mind
  • confidence in your ability to birth in a positive empowered way