All the teachers at Yogaveda have years of yoga and teaching experience

About us

Nikki Leaf

Nikki Leaf is the founder and Director of the Yoga Centre at Yogaveda.

Nikki has been teaching yoga since 1987 and was co-director of the Fremantle Yoga Centre for 20 years.

Her studies in ayurveda have greatly enriched her yoga knowledge, and she has integrated this into her practice and teaching.

Her teaching style has a strong therapeutic foundation and takes into consideration the ayurvedic body type (prakruti) and also any imbalances (vikruti) to create a balanced yoga routine. Nikki also has a special interest in women’s and pregnancy yoga which she has been teaching for many years.

Jen Goldberg

Jen Goldberg

I was first drawn to Yoga in 1992 when some friends urged me to try it out with the words “come on, its good for you”. Those words hold true regardless of age or ability and I’ve been on the yogic path since then guided by some inspirational teachers.

Yoga provides me with a steadiness and confidence when faced with life’s challenges, as well as a restorative and quiet space when I am in need of rest and rejuvenation. Strengthening the body and calming the mind – I feel blessed to have this yoga in my life, and enjoy sharing its benefits with others.

I have studied a number of different styles of Yoga, but my certification and method of teaching is in the Iyengar style. This style focuses on natural movement and alignment to protect the body, the use of props for support and a thorough understanding of each yoga asana or pose. Sometimes I combine this with a Hatha flow style, using breath and awareness to move deeper into each pose. My classes are suitable for all levels, and aim to let you leave the yoga space feeling uplifted and ready for whatever comes your way.

Christiane Purcell-Wells

Inspired by the classical Yoga vinyasa taught in the tradition of Krisnamacarya, simple postures are repeated with precise attention to the breath which is recognized as the link between body and mind. Moving from the gross work of the body with the subtler medium of the breath we prepare the most subtle element of the mind for pranayama and meditation. Suitable for all levels.

Christiane began practicing Yoga in the early 2000s to manage back pain. She has spent the years since studying mainly in the lineage of Krisnamacarya with senior students of T.K.V. Desikachar.

She has a particular interest in Yoga Therapy, Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda. Christiane is also a qualified Physiotherapist and is grateful to be able to integrate a Western understanding of the physical body with the holistic and spiritual teachings of Yoga for the highest benefit of each individual.

Her classes are inspired by her love of classical vinyasa and incorporate postures with breathing techniques, chanting, philosophy and meditation with the aim of integrating body and mind to experience the highest effect of Yoga and to encourage and empower students on their own personal journey of transformation.

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

Bill was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 2000 through weekly classes at his workplace and immediately liked the difference it made to his life in terms of improved flexibility, peace of mind and an increase in both vitality and feeling of well being and sought out the nearest Iyengar school, the WA School of Yoga (now known as YogaWest, Shenton Park).

Since then the importance of yoga in daily life has continued to grow and many hours per week have been spent as a student, practitioner, teacher trainee (under the tutelage of John Leebold) and since 2012, a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

Bill regularly attends workshops and Bali yoga retreats and rates his two visits to Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune, India in 2011 and 2012 as highlights.

Peter Humphry

Peter Humphry

A decade or so ago as I approached my 50th year, I first turned to yoga hoping to find a way to maintain my active lifestyle and general good health. Yoga and I seemed to click somehow, it felt right from my very first class and as I practised under the watchful gaze of some wonderful teachers I soon came to realise that it could meet those aims, but also provide so much more.

Receiving much encouragement from teachers and friends, I then started on a teacher training course at the Fremantle Yoga School. Initially I simply hoped to deepen my own practice and my own understanding, but as the course progressed my confidence in sharing some of the joy and the benefits of yoga built, and I now love teaching full time.

I use a combination of asana practice, breath, and relaxation techniques to bring my love of, and belief in the powers of, yoga to my students. A key philosophy of mine is that a yoga class should be something to look forward to, not something to be endured!

Coralie Benporath

Coralie has been a practitioner of Iyengar Yoga for more than 15 years, and has been deeply inspired by the healing benefits of the Iyengar yoga method, both for herself and also for others she has taught and practiced with. Having sustained a back injury at 28, yoga has been the key to finding health, healing and well being while on the path of rehabilitation. She has been training under the guidance of senior teacher John Leebold since 2014 and holds a Level 2 certification. Having lived a year in India and Nepal practicing yoga in her 20’s, she finally made it back there in 2016 and was fortunate to have 3 months training at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune.

Also recognising the importance of a broader spiritual practice, Coralie has spent a number of years studying and practicing Buddhism – her yoga practice therefore becoming grounded within a strong tradition of meditation and service to others.  Through teaching Iyengar yoga, it is her wish to pass on these understandings and experiences developed through the practice of yoga and meditation, so that others can also come to experience these benefits for themselves.

Stefani Losch

Stefani started her yoga journey with Nikki at Yogaveda and was instantly inspired by the uplifting effect it had on her mind and body. Very soon she was exploring options to study to become a Teacher and within 6 months had begun the Fremantle Yoga Centre teacher training. Stefani’s Yoga studies include Iyengar inspired Hatha Yoga , Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

She also has a special interest in Pregnancy Yoga, as along with her Pregnancy Yoga training, she has a background of over 20 years as a midwife and birth educator.Stefani is passionate about empowering women to have the birth experience they desire, through a holistic and healthy approach to pregnancy.

Stefani believes that the practise of yoga is a constant exploration of the body’s physical and spiritual energy and is a blend of conscious movement, intentional breath and relaxation. In all her classes she strives to hold an open,positive space where students are supported to explore their minds and bodies through movement and breath.To also challenge themselves in the most compassionate way possible and to experience the practice as a means of letting go,growth, transformation and healing.

Gary John

Gary John

Gary discovered yoga in 1998, initially to improve his meditation practice. His curiosity in yoga began to grow as he discovered its many physical and psychological benefits. 

Gary has been teaching since 2012 and trained with Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher John Leebold. He has an Iyengar Level II teachers certification and upgraded to Junior Intermediate Level I in 2018. 

Gary is dedicated to the life long journey of developing his practice and teaching. He regularly attends classes and workshops with senior teachers including the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune where he first visited in 2009.

Linda Wilkins

Linda Wilkins

Yoga first touched my life in the mid 1980s, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that I began to practise on a more regular basis. Prior to this, I was involved in more mainstream exercise including teaching aerobatics, running power-lifting, and dance. Inspired by my teachers and desire to gain deeper understanding of yoga, I completed a Teacher Training course at Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2015 taught by Kale Leaf and Jame McIntyre.

I supplemented this with formal training in remedial and ‘trigger-point’ massage. This informs my interest and expertise in yoga. Having personally experience the benefits, I advocate the judicious application of yoga in addressing a range of muscular-skeletal and stress-related issues. My teaching focus is on correct application of core asanas (postures) to help build and restore physical and mental resilience. In this, fitness and age are not excluding factors – I work with attendees to personalise yoga postures to suit individual circumstances including the use of props and gentle positioning to extract maximum benefit.

Correctly applied, I believe that yoga can deliver a range of benefits to nearly all people.

Walter Johnston

Walt discovered yoga in his early thirties after excelling in the sport of Muay Thai Kick Boxing.
Walt has a graceful physicality which has found a natural expression through his practice of hatha
and vinyasa yoga, as well as in his work as a musician and drummer. Walt credits his discipline
and commitment to his yoga practice to time studying music at the Western Australia Academy
for Performing Arts. Stints performing in punk rock bands throughout his 20’s, uncovered a vibrant
energy which remains at the heart of his yoga teaching style.

Walt completed his 350 hr Yoga Australia certification in 2017 under the tutelage of highly
regarded senior teacher, Kale Leaf and he continues to study Yoga Therapy with his teacher. The
pair recently undertook a new adventure, taking groups on retreat to Thailand.

Walt joins Yogaveda on the back of resident teaching positions at several of Perth’s most
respected yoga schools, and we are delighted to welcome him to our teaching faculty.

Walt will be teaching the Thursday 10am Beginners/General class at Yogaveda.

Melanie Robinson

Melanie Robinson has recently returned to Perth from Melbourne. She is a Yoga Teacher, cellist and composer, crisis counsellor, and mother of two gorgeous little people.

She has maintained a strong personal practice for 22 years, and has been teaching on and off for 15 years. Melanie is an Iyengar certified teacher with a post-grad certificate in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. She is a Yoga Australia Level 2 registered teacher and also holds a prior teaching qualification in Hatha Yoga. In Melbourne, Melanie spent many years working with midwives throughout Melbourne, running Yoga for Birth classes, Postnatal small group classes and Mums and Bubs classes. She also taught at Dance of Life Yoga Centre and the much-loved Iyengar Institute Yoga Jivana.

Melanie loves to share yoga with people from all walks of life and at all stages of life.