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Yoga is a complete form of exercise that brings health and happiness to the mind and body. Through a system that combines stretching, breath awareness and relaxation techniques strength, tone and flexibility is developed in the body while bringing calm and balance to the mind.

At Yogaveda we offer a variety of classes in different styles – from gentle to more active dynamic – so that yoga can be done by all ages and body types.

Yoga Classes Taught at Yogaveda

Hatha / Iyengar

A series of yoga postures that are held to develop strength, tone and flexibility in the body. Developing calm and steady breathing as the yoga postures are practised is also an important feature of these styles. The influence of the Iyengar method places more emphasis on correct alignment and the use of props to provide support in areas of restriction.

The Beginners / General, Beginners Hatha, & Open Hatha classes are all taught in this style and are open to all levels.

Slow Flow

Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike, this class is for those who prefer a slower start to the weekend. As we flow through the class, options are given to choose the level of the pose you are ready for. You will leave feeling centred and ready to flow through the rest of your day.

Gentle Hatha/Yin Yoga

A gentle series of postures combining restorative Hatha and Yin Yoga designed to slow down the body and mind. The supportive postures and deeper stretching will help the body to release any stored stress and tension.

Intermediate Hatha

Designed for students who have had some experience in practising yoga and some knowledge of postures.

We focus on developing more strength along with creating more flexibility by understanding the dynamics of each posture and the muscles and techniques that are required to support an existing or a stronger practice.

Attention is given to maintaining inner space and softness while working with core strength in order to build muscular strength and endurance whilst not hardening the body.

Joyful Flow

This class is for students looking to invigorate body and mind and bring joy into their days.  Together we practice on the mat to mindfully & joyfully meet the challenges of a fast-moving modern lifestyle out in the world.

The class incorporates some strong flowing sequences & longer holds with an active focus on alignment, delivering a deep experience of conscious, grounded movement.

A delicious way to start or end your day!

Relax & Restore

A slower moving series of more passive stretches,  which allows the mind and body the space to relax and let go of stress and tension. The focus on longer-holding, supported postures enhances deeper breath awareness, which calms and soothes the nervous system and helps to restore depleted energy.

Particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress and anxiety conditions, adrenal exhaustion, fatigue, illness and injury recovery. Beginners welcome!

Stretch & Unwind

A long, slow, deep stretch to unwind the tensions of the week and prepare for the weekend. Suitable for all levels. Designed to restore, rejuvenate and energise the body while settling the mind and bringing centredness and balance to the system.

Kids Yoga

The benefits of yoga and meditation for children is invaluable. They experience improved flexibility, strength and agility within a noncompetitive environment enhancing concentration, focus and coordination. Yoga promotes positive self esteem, a greater sense of well-being, happiness, confidence and inner peace.

Teen Yoga

These classes open to 10-17 year olds and create a great support for teens during their challenging years. The focus of these classes is to promote feelings of wellbeing and encourage positive body image. The yoga stretching helps the teens increase flexibility and strength while improving posture. An important benefit is the reducing of stress levels, calming the mind while improving focus and attention.

Gentle Yoga for Seniors & Beginners

This class offers supported yoga poses and gentle stretching to bring about ease of movement in the body. The focus is on working with the breath to develop body awareness, correct alignment and release of tension. Props are used to allow stretch in tight and restricted areas of the body.

Pregnancy & Women’s Yoga

A Specialised class providing support, and helping to maintain balance, through the many challenging phases of a woman’s life.

The focus of yoga postures in this class is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their fertility and become pregnant, for the pregnancy and post natal period itself, for menstrual disorders and also the passage of menopause.

* Please note pregnant newcomers will need to contact Nikki before attending classes.

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