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Yogaveda offers an extensive range of traditional healing therapies that are designed to cleanse, rejuvenate & rebalance the mind and body. They provide a natural way to reconnect to that innate healing intelligence which is capable of constantly rejuvenating itself, but often is obscured by stress and toxic accumulation. This sense of reconnection is a profoundly powerful healing experience.

Purvakarma: The preparatory procedures of Panchakarma, the ultimate deep tissue detox.

Ayurveda prescribes Purvakarma to facilitate the removal of ama (toxins) from the body’s deep tissues (dhatus). Purva means before & Karma means actions.

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At Yogaveda, let us create an experience of escape from the harshness of the outside world.
Step into a magical healing space to rest your weary bones & feel the softness of the white sheets cocooning you. 
Give yourself permission to be soft – while exploring stillness to sink into a deep healing space within.
Distance yourself from the demands of your life.
Contact Leah for Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, Marmapuncture & Sound healing.


If your body is feeling a bit heavy & lethargic after Winter & your shoulder & back muscles tight & tense – or you just need a deeply restorative & rejuvenating treatment – try our Spring Special!

Snehana & Nadiswedana
localised steam massage to soothe stress, tension & aching muscles of the neck, back & shoulders.

Normally $195 Now $185 Valid October to December 2022.


The Ayurvedic studio will be closed from October 31st until December 5th 2022 while Leah is treating herself to Panchakarma treatments.​

Ayurvedic Treatments

Full Body Massage - Snehana

  • 1 Therapist
    - 90 min
  • 2 Therapists
    - 60 min

    Snehana literally means to nurture, to love, to express kindness & compassion, the qualities that are missing in our world today.

    Snehana soothes away stresses and transports you to that deep healing space within. Warm herbalised oils are used in this deeply pacifying and nurturing experience. Long flowing massage strokes follow energy channels and major Marma points in the body, releasing stagnant physical, mental and emotional toxins.

    Snehana has a profound calming effect and is a deeply relaxing and revitalising experience. As a series of treatments the cleansing and nourishing effects are enormously magnified.

Tension Tonic

  • Back, neck & shoulder massage
    - 30 min

    A therapeutic massage to reduce tension and soothe aching muscles of the neck, back and shoulders. Major Marma points are stimulated restoring energy flow and tonifying the whole body creating a sense of calm and equilibrium.

    This treatment boosts your immune system by tonifying the Taiyang bladder channel, the most superficial of the channels and most vulnerable to exterior wind.

    This treatment is especially beneficial when followed by a herbal steam massage (Nadiswedana).

Aroma Massage

  • Back, neck, shoulder & foot massage
    - 45 min

    Experience the refreshing, uplifting and aromatic benefits of doTERRA’s therapeutic pure essential oils which are applied along the energy channels of your back and feet to focus your mind and ease stagnant energy.

    The heavenly fragrances of the essential oils are a beautiful way to balance your whole being and totally support your immune system. The alchemy of Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, On Guard, Deep Blue, Aroma Touch, Peppermint and Wild Orange are combined precisely to soothe away the stresses & transport you to a place of relaxation.

Sound Bath Massage

  • Sound Massage
    - 45 min

    Relax and absorb the therapeutic sound frequencies of the Peter Hess singing bowls. Placed gently on a clothed body, the vibrations of the bowls with their rich overtones transport you to a deep state of relaxation.

    These healing sounds penetrate to the cellular level, stimulating body fluids, loosening tense & tight muscles & improving the flow of prana through the body. The melodic sounds calm the mind & help you enter a meditative state naturally.

    Only high quality therapeutic grade Peter Hess singing bowls are used in this treatment.

  • Samadhi-Snehana & Sound Bath Massage
    - 120min

    Be transported to a place of peace & tranquillity with a Snehana & Sound Bath. Deeply relaxing to the nervous system, while releasing toxins on a physical & emotional level. Long flowing massage strokes are followed with soothing sounds & gentle vibrations of the singing bowls.


  • Steam Massage
    - 30 min

    A deep, localised herbal steam massage that relieves tense muscles, stiff joints and lower back pain. Stimulates circulation and removes toxins from the body’s tissues.

    Beneficial for treating sports injuries, tense neck, back and shoulders, sprains, cervical spondylitis, sciatica, osteoarthritis and menstrual disorders, including endometriosis. Also effective for loosening chest congestion, asthma and persistent cough.


  • Steam Box Treatment
    - 20 min

    A warm herbalised steam treatment following Snehana where your entire body (except the head) is bathed in steam in a cedar steam box. Channels of the body dilate and toxins are liquefied and expelled in the body’s sweat.

    Sudation therapy promotes detoxification and weight loss, improves circulation and digestion and removes stiffness, heaviness and cold from the body.

    A deeply pacifying experience.


  • Heart Nurture
    - 30 min

    A deeply calming treatment where warm medicated oil is pooled over the heart, creating a nurturing experience which balances the emotions.

    Relieves stress, tension and anxiety by nourishing and strengthening the cardiac muscles and regulating the heart.

    Beneficial for panic attacks, respiratory ailments, sadness, grief and depression, and imparting a sense of inner harmony and peace.

    Recommended only after a Snehana or Tension Tonic.


  • Rejuvenating Eye Bath
    - 30 min

    A treat for the eyes. Netrabasti soothes and calms the mind and restores lustre to the eyes. Reduces eye fatigue, dry and tired computer eyes and bestows vitality to sore and itchy eyes.

    Beneficial to treat all diseases of the eyes, including conjunctivitis, poor vision and arc eyes, and helps release repressed emotional memories.


  • Lower Back Nurture
    - 45 min

    This exquisite therapy soothes the nervous system and transports you to a profound state of deep relaxation. Warm medicated oil is pooled over the lower back to relieve pain and stiffness.

    Effective for sciatica, slipped and degenerated discs, osteoarthritis and constipation, and is extremely beneficial for treating endometriosis, infertility and menstrual disorders.

    Recommended only after a Snehana or Tension Tonic. Contra-indicated while menstruating.

    (Includes a brief Nadiswedana)

Gua Sha

  • Natural Face Lift
    - 60 min

    Melt away facial tension with the ancient beauty ritual of Gua Sha. A smooth jade stone is stroked along contours of the face & neck to clear stagnant Qi. Deeply relaxing to tense facial muscles, while assisting in lymphatic drainage & boosting collagen production. Includes an Ayurvedic herbal & clay face mask to stimulate skin cell rejuvenation for a youthful & vibrant glow.


  • Cupping
    - 40 min

    This ancient therapy involves placing glass cups on various areas of the body and works by creating a vacuum on the skin. Often applied over Marma points, along Nadi channels or on painful areas where there is energy or blood stagnation. Cupping improves circulation and can be beneficial in treating back and shoulder pain, eliminating toxins from your blood and balancing the internal organs.

Niruha and Anuvasana Basti

Ayurvedic Natural Oils
  • Herbalised Enema Therapy
    - 60 min

    Basti is the most powerful detoxification and rejuvenation procedure Ayurveda has to offer, and is an important part of Panchakarma. Ideally, Basti therapy follows five days of the preparatory phase where toxins are softened, loosened and mobilised in the tissues (Dhatus).

    Bastis help in preventing toxic accumulation in the digestive tract from moving deeper into the body. The treatments are administered for eight consecutive days to reach all seven levels of tissues sequentially. It can also be used as a standalone treatment.

    $65 per session - 60 minutes 8-day Niruha Herbal Decoction Basti
    $65 per session - 60 minutes Anuvasana


  • Nasal Decongestant Therapy
    - 30 min

    A brisk massage using medicated oils combined with heat compresses over the sino-nasal cavities to relieve congestion.

    Dilates channels, relieving blocked sinuses, allergies, hay fever and migraines, and promotes clarity of mind, memory and concentration.


  • Nervous System Soother
    - 30 min

    A slow stream of warm oil infused with calming herbs is rhythmically poured across the forehead. Quietens the mind and nervous system, releases mental/emotional stress and promotes a state of serenity and tranquillity. Improves sleep, memory, concentration, cognitive function – including purity of the mind (Sattwa) – and relieves tension headaches.

    Recommended only following a Snehana. For optimum benefit it is best to have a daily treatment for five days.

    (Initial treatment is an additional $90 and includes Shiro oil which is yours to keep)

Stress Soother

  • Face, Head & Arm Massage
    - 45 min

    Treat yourself to this stress relieving Ayurvedic treatment to soothe facial tension & release tightness in the neck and shoulders. Warm nourishing herbal oils to calm & pacify the mind & leave your skin feeling rejuvenated & glowing. Beautifully scented facial oil of almond & rosehip are infused with essential oils to soothe facial lines & pacify stress restoring lustre to the face. Marma points on the face, head & hands are stimulated to release blocked prana energy, which can stagnate due to daily stress.


  • Muscle Rejuvenation
    - 120 min

    A delicious warm and nourishing sudation therapy. It uses a bolus of rice that is dipped into a warm, herbal milky decoction and massaged into the muscles, ligaments and joints with long flowing strokes. Pindaswedana releases stagnant energy, eliminates toxins and improves metabolism. The skin is exfoliated and feels amazingly smooth and radiant. This beautiful treatment improves the skin's elasticity and delays the ageing process. It has also proved an effective treatment for muscular disorders, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and degenerative conditions of the spine.

    2 therapists


  • A Royal Pamper

    Ayurvedic rejuvenation & longevity therapies, originally reserved for royalty in ancient times, are the key to preventing disease. These exquisite treatments provide a natural way to connect to your true self that often becomes obscured by stress and toxic accumulation. Comprising of a sequence of cleansing, rebalancing and rejuvenating therapies over several days, the objective is to reset the body and mind and eliminate toxins from a deep tissue level.

    Eliminates impurities from the body’s deep tissues. Strengthens immunity & builds resistance to disease. Reverses the negative effects of stress on your mind & body, thereby slowing the aging process. Restores balance to your constitution, improving health, wellness and vitality. Promotes a sense of deep relaxation

    Programs are tailored to the individual and are recommended at the change of seasons or at least once a year. It is a rare opportunity to deeply rest the body, turn off the mind and reset the body’s natural rhythms.

    Held over 5-days, sessions depend on the individual requirements

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